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Making sure your home is safe at all times is our priority here at GreenChoice. The risk of fire is something that we take very seriously and we have insulation materials to prevent and help diminish fires in the unlikely case. Our fire stopping insulation materials are able to fill gaps between floor and ceiling slabs, and exterior walls.

This material can also fit around pipes, ducts, and through walls and floor boards. To ensure the upmost safety, this non-combustible material can be reinforced with foil lining to help in the case of a fire.

As an insulator, it has very low thermal conductivity which helps heat or cool air stay within the space, and it also hinders mildew or bacteria growth. Not only will your space be more efficiently insulated with fire stopping materials, you and your family will be content knowing your space is complete with the highest grade materials.

Did you know that you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 50% by choosing the right insulation?
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Great company, great work and great staff. Green Choice did an amazing job at one of my work sites, I'm a contractor and I highly recommend Green Choice to have your insulation done.

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